**All New** EVHC for Independent Workshops

  • Handheld Electronic Health Check application
  • Smartphone, tablet and PC compatible
  • Simple Health Check management, print and storage
  • Web access, no software required
  • Photo capture included
  • SMS and email automated deferred contacts
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Do I need EVHC?

Do I need EVHC – The Electronic Health Check Management System?

At Autoconnect we have been refining our vehicle health check and follow up contact systems. We are very successful at creating incremental revenue for our workshops with systems reporting thousands of checks each day.

Vehicle Health Checks are now standard practice within workshops, but are rarely used to their full potential. Autoconnect are prime providers of EVHC systems, with a history of over fifteen years of Health Check Management for Manufacturers, Dealers and Independents. Our process manages over 40,000 electronic health checks a month, collates work found, sold and lost and diarises deferred opportunities in a simple, but exceptionally effective reporting system.

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In the Workshop

  • Technician Login by PIN
  • Simple Work Categories
  • One Touch All Green Input
  • Built In Descriptive Fault Codes
  • Add Notes & Unlisted Items
  • Technician Inputs Trigger EVHC Print Icons
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For the Customer

  • Comprehensive Vehicle Health Check
  • Clear, Detailed, Striking Layout
  • Simple, Accurate Fault Identification
  • Prices & Dates for All Future Work Included
  • Stored Electronically for Email, Review & Reference
  • Printed Technician Signature on Health Check
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  • Workshop Control & Sales Process Screen
  • Job Status, Progress & Pricing on One Screen
  • Automated Diary & Future Customer Contact
  • Telephone, Email, SMS Contact Options
  • DMS Integration for Customer Data Import
  • Real Time Performance & Results Monitoring

Communication is fundamental to relationships in business. Good communication helps businesses develop trust with clients and clearly articulate needs, expectations and challenges. Communicating more effectively can improve the client relationship and potentially add more leads to the business. Client communication is important because it establishes and maintains trust between the client and the business. When customers trust a brand, they may be more likely to remain loyal. Open client communication can also help limit misunderstandings, lead to greater customer satisfaction and make clients more likely to recommend a business to others.

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Contact Autoconnect

Autoconnect House
5 Windsor Road
B97 6DJ
We always welcome your comments and suggestions.
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